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Art Reproduction

Get Your Best Work To More Buyers

Art Imaging helps artists succeed by giving them a venue to reproduce their artwork accurately and affordably. Each artist is unique and typically has different goals and expectations. Our approach is to be flexible and find out how we can serve you in a way that helps you reach your goals.

We extend a welcome to visit our studio in Bucharest or Montreal if you are an artist seeking to publish your art. 

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Artist: Michel Patenaude

World Class Digital Capture — The Essential First Step...

How your original is digitized is your single most important decision you make. The file must be preservation-grade with interpretive lighting and precision alignment. You must be ready to repurpose your file to any imaging process to maximize the value of your publishing revenue. Don't sell an original without preserving your art first. We are committed to guide you through this essential process and provide you with the highest quality digital imaging services available.

followed by Advanced Color Correction Process…

After capturing a high-resolution image of your artwork, a color proof is created for approval on actual production media and evaluated in our color-calibrated environment for accuracy. The color corrected proof is presented and evaluated by the artist to verify the integrity of the reproduction.

and Choice of Media Substrates That Match Your Original

We do not take shortcuts and we do not compromise on media. We use fine art printing media that are virtually the same as the original artwork. This includes a variety of archival-grade artist canvas; gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes, premium watercolor papers, as well as fine art specialty papers suitable for fine art printing. We evaluate each type of media available with our own proprietary process to test, grade, and verify that it meets our fine art printing standards.

Every industry is subjected to compromising operators, but we are committed to the best practices in art imaging with best in class process and equipment. Maintaining integrity throughout the process is our highest goal.