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How to use giclées to your advantage

If you have ever done or considered doing giclée reproductions of your work, you should know that they are more than yet another income source. Used properly, these fine art prints may boost your career and help you take your art to another dimension. Interested in
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A Short History Of Giclée

The word Giclée is of French origin, as it was first used in print back in 1852. Its original meaning comes from the verb “gicler”, which means “to squirt” or “to spray”. Its family of words includes “gicleur” which is used in France
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Why Selling Your Art on Instagram Is A Good Idea

In these past 5 years, Instagram has become more than just a trendy app, and is now a powerful platform that generates consistent income from art sales. When did that happen?

As a major player of the visual environment, it did not take long
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The 6 Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Art Statement

Art statements give you the opportunity to share the ideas and beliefs behind your work, guiding your audience towards what you consider a proper interpretation of your pieces. There are several ways you can use them: printed and framed in the gallery where you
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The 5 Art Entities Which Impact The Industry

The trophic chain of art, if I were to call it that, has 5 major entities that are part of the overall ecosystem: the artist, the dealer, the curator, the collector and the critic. Each of these manages to influence the market
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