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Sell the original to an Art Collector
Sell a Museum-Quality Giclée to everyone else

Get your best work to more buyers

You know it happens: people see your art and they want it – but there’s only one original. This is an opportunity to offer Giclée reproductions and take your art career further by reaching out to more of your art fans, as well as expanding your income potential.

Selling your original can be a very satisfying achievement, but is making a one-time sale. Chances are you could be earning more from your original by publishing an edition of multiples with our studio’s guidance and assistance. Order additional prints as you need them: there are no minimums or inventory required to start publishing your art accurately and affordably through Giclée printing.


The next best thing to owning the original

Our archival printmaking process, combined with best-in-class technology and fine art media choices enables Art Imaging to replicate your art faithful to the original. Our Giclée reproductions standards boost an image permanence greater than 80 years, which is why it is considered to be “the next best think to owning the original"

As part of our workflow, we rigorously choose the best media substrates to match your artwork. Giclée fine art printing supports media substrates that are virtually the same as the original art ensuring the integrity of the reproduction.

Fine Artists Image _Car cu o pereche de boi
Nicolae Grigorescu - "Car cu o pereche de boi"

We want you to think of us as of your business partner and to consider our studio as an extension of yours.

From our point of view this is a relationship based on mutual trust and we are ready for this commitment!


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