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Our process - How it all works

In-house Digital Photography Studio

At Art Imaging, we understand how critical it is to start with a high quality digital capture of the original artwork - this essential first step determines everything.

At the heart of our digital photography studio is world-class, 216 megapixel high-resolution digital camera. Considered by museums to be the finest technology available for capturing rare and priceless works of art, it is mated to an impressive large format 4x5 view camera resulting in a no-compromise digital capture of your artwork. The specialized, daylight-balanced lighting we use in our studio will not subject your artwork to undue heat or UV rays, that is because we have built our studio around fine art reproduction — not general photographic services.

Handling artwork with care

When we receive your artwork, it will be handled professionally and photographed in our digital photography studio with care and precision. The digital image capture will be archived to provide you with on-demand Giclée fine art printing anytime. Preserving your art with this process ensures a lifetime of publishing value.

Accurate Proofing Process

After capturing a high-resolution image of your artwork, a color proof is created for approval on actual production media. Utilizing custom color profiles for precise color management, we tailor our proven reproduction process to your specific type of artwork. The proof is evaluated by the artist to verify the integrity of the reproduction. From there, the specific production parameters are discussed.

Media Substrates That Match Your Original

Just because it is a reproduction, does not mean you have to compromise on media. Giclee fine art printing supports media substrates that are virtually the same as the original artwork. This includes a variety of archival-grade artist canvas; gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes, premium watercolor papers, as well as fine art specialty papers suitable for fine art photography. We evaluate each type of media available with our own proprietary process to test, grade, and verify that it meets our fine art printing standards. Talk to us about your artwork and most likely we will have an ideal fine art printing solution that exceeds your expectations while still enabling you to reproduce your art affordably.

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▪ Best-In-Class 216 Megapixel Art Capture System

▪ Advanced/Interpretive Lighting and Capture of Your Art

▪ Museum-grade art handling

▪ 12-Color Pigment Ink, 2400 DPI, 16-Bit Archival Printing

▪ Proprietary ICC-Compliant Color Managed Workflow

▪ Expert Advice and Guidance on Workflow and Process