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Photographers and Digital Artists

with custom fine–art digital printmaking

- Advanced Printmaking Workflow  - 

We will walk you through the best practices in processing, resizing, enhancing and printing museum quality images on fine art rag media in breathtaking color with pigment inks. 

Our 12-pigments, wide-format printers are driven by custom-built media profiles with ICC-Compliant workflows and with adherence to and respect of strictest archival printmaking standards. We invite you to come and find out what you can do with your digital art.

- Best in Class Fine Art Media Choices -

We will prepare for you accurate proofs of your image on your selected print media. We use a variety of premium fine art specialty papers, mold-made water textured papers as well as artist-grade canvas. For enlargements, we clip-taste your file at the full size, so you can gain confidence in the accuracy and sharpness of your project before committing to a print job.

Careful consideration is given to ensure perfect replication of color, sharpness and detail.

Richard Beland - Ruisseau Au Mont Saint-Hilaire No. 2

Our goal is the same as yours – achieve the best possible print for your digital artwork.

Let us be your printmaking advisor from start to finish and get it right the first time.

80-years plus image permanence rating – strictest archival printmaking standards.


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Convenient secure FTP Service for Your Files:
Our FTP server will support with the transfer of your file and save you the hassle of burning media and manipulate disks or other mobile memory units.

Digital Art File Preparation Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do flatten your image and save it as a TIFF file, don't leave layers or alpha channels in the file you are sending, do not save it as a JPEG
  • Do assign a standard RGB working space such as Adobe RGB 1998, don't send untagged files
  • Do preserve 16-bit data if native to the image source, do not convert to 8-bit for printing
  • Do call and discuss your file prep situation prior to sending a file if anything is in question or if you need to confirm any detail call +1(514) 475 4855